Annual Lecture

Since 2020, the AGF organises a virtual Annual Lecture once a year with a guest from the UK. The following Annual Lectures have taken place so far:

2022: “Insights into UK Politics: Accountability in Public Life” (Simon McDonald; former British diplomat)

2021: “The History Wars: The role of the past in British politics today” (Sir Richard J Evans; Regius Professor Emeritus of History at the University of Cambridge)

2020: “After Brexit. Where next for the United Kingdom?” (Philip Rycroft; former UK Permanent Secretary and Associate Fellow of the Centre on Constitutional Change/University of Edinburgh) (full text)

Conference and Workshop

During the two-day annual meetings, historical, political and cultural topics from the area of German-British relations are discussed. To this end, British and German experts are invited as speakers.

The annual meeting aims to be a forum for scientific exchange and personal learning. It usually takes place on the weekend after Ascension. For many years, our conferences were held in the Catholic Academy “Die Wolfsburg” in Mülheim / Ruhr in May. Since 2015, they partly take place in the Centre for British Studies (Humboldt University, Berlin). Usually, conference reports are published on H-Soz-u-Kult.

Workshops, in which members and guests – and preferably young academics – discuss topics and present results from their work, form an integral part of the conference. The workshops can be divided into areas such as history, comparative politics and foreign policy.

Annual Conference 2023 – „Political Culture and Culture Politics in the UK: Practices, Ideologies and Imaginaries“; Marius Guderjan (AGF / FU Berlin) & Kirsten Forkert (Birmingham City University)

Annual Conference 2022
– “From Cambridge to Bielefeld – and back? British and Continental Approaches to Intellectual History“; F. Lachaud (Sorbonne Université Lettres), Sina Steglich & Emily Steinhauer (DHI London)

Annual Conference 2021 – „The Politics of Old Age: Old People and Ageing in British and European History”; F. Lachaud (Sorbonne Université Lettres), W. Meteling (AGF), Jenny Pleinen (DHI London)

Annual Conference 2019
– „Britain in Transition: Brexit and Beyond“; Marius Guderjan (AGF / HU Berlin), Norbert Fabian (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Annual Conference 2018 „’Splendid Isolation’? Insularity in British History“; Wencke Meteling (AGF / Universität Marburg), Andrea Wiegeshoff (Universität Marburg), Hannes Ziegler (DHI London)

Annual Conference 2017„Competitors & Companions: Britons and Germans in the World“; Julia Eichenberg (HU Berlin), Daniel Steinbach (University of Exeter), Tobias Becker (DHI London)

The programmes of the conferences can be found on the The Stacks, the repository of the Library of Anglo-American Culture & History.

Annual Conference 2016 – The End of Duopoly? The British Party System in Transformation

Annual Conference 2015 – From Middle Class Society to an Age of Inequality? Social Change and Changing Concepts of Inequality in Germany and Great Britain after 1945

Annual Conference 2014Drifting towards the exit? Taking stock of Britain’s EU membership after 40 years

Annual Conference 2013The ‘Westminster System’ Transformed Continuity and Change of a Paradigm

Annual Conference 2012Marketisation continued? Views on Britain from History, Political Science and Economics

Annual Conference 2010 Industry and Industrial Heritage in Britain and Germany in the 20th Century?

Annual Conference 2009 10 Years of Devolution: The New Territorial Politics in the United Kingdom

Annual Conference 2008 Cultural Industries and Cultural Politics: Britain 1750-2000

Annual Conference 2007 Journalists as transnational political actors in Britain and Germany

Annual Conference 2006 Britain – A Global Player

Annual Conference 2005 Modernizing Britain: The Impact of New Labour

Annual Conference 2004 From Enmity to Friendship: Anglo-American Relations in the 19th and 20th Century

Annual Conference 2003 Political Ritual in the United Kingdom, 1700-2000

Annual Conference 2002 The Representation of British Cities Transformations of Urban Space, 1700-1900

Annual Conference 2001 Debating Foreign Affairs: Elites and Public Opinion in British History, c. 1870-2000

Annual Conference 2000 British Society between Openness and Isolation: Immigration and Integration, 18th- 20th Century